You know how sometimes the exact thing you need to hear shows up just when you need it? And it's awesome and irritating (because bitching about something is always easier than action) and confirms that maybe there is someone out there nudging me, then pushing me, then screaming OMG why can't you see this? after all.

This was that for me.

"A better battle for me is to no longer let this insecurity stop me from chasing my dreams and seizing bigger opportunities." HOLY CRAP that's brilliant.

Grateful for you and the way you show up.

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What a great message!

Insecurity isn't your battle to fight; that's some nonsense the world puts on you. I wish Mel Robbins would have emphasized this more: Being afraid to show the world that you're fat and gay is not a problem with you; it's a problem with the world. It's not a matter of self-esteem; it's a matter of oppression. That's not an individual battle to fight. Your perspective here is a really important message for anyone internalizing any kind of oppression and trying to figure out how to "fix" themselves to make it go away.

Always appreciate the opportunity to learn through your personal journey, Jennie.

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